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Professional Grade Body Bags for Medical Examiners, Funeral Homes, Hospitals, War Zones, Pandemics including Ebola


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body bag qualityAs industry specialists and users of body bags ourselves, we are aware of the issues of faulty zippers, weak handles and leakage. All our products meet standard durability criteria according to their class. Whether you need simple covering or major fluid containment, you can be confident that we don’t cut costs by offering inferior quality.

body bags lowest pricesWe supply our body bags and disaster pouches factory direct so you will not find a lower price anywhere, guaranteed. If you order from us, and you find a lower published body bag or disaster pouch price elsewhere within 7 days, we will refund the difference.

Body Bags


AMS-1: Lightweight EPA approved cremation pouch/body bag. World’s greenest pouch.

AMS-1, the only EPA approved cremation pouch/body bag-now at factory direct prices! The AMS-1 acts as a 3-in-one unit-a containment, transport, and cremation pouch all in one! No need for sheets or to bag and rebag. This body bag burns clean made from polyethylene ensuring no black smoke from the crematorium and complete compliance with both EPA and OSHA.

  • Polyethylene cloth-like weave design
  • Reinforced, cross stitched handles for strength
  • Double u-shaped zipper design
  • Attached clear tag pouch for easy identification
  • White bag, white zipper, no handles
  • 34″ wide x 87″ long

$9.00 each

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AMS-2: Ultra Medium duty disaster pouch. Medium duty at light duty price.

This AMS-2 Ultra Medium duty disaster pouch is by far the strongest body bag in its class. With superior seams and interwoven polypropylene rip-stop weave, loads can even be dragged across rough terrain with confidence. A coroner favorite!

  • Heavy duty specially woven HDPE tarpaulin
  • Zipper with two sliders
  • U-shape zipper for table-to-table bagging
  • White bag, black zipper, no handles
  • 36″ wide x 89″ long

$11.00 each

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AMS-Z: Zipperless, self sealing, watertight & airtight, see-through, light duty body bag.

This body bag is made from a patented plastic that is very sticky, but only to itself, creating a tight seal. The body is simply placed on a plastic sheet. The sheet is then single folded over the body and sealed around the edges by simply touching the sheets together.

  • Patented technology made in USA
  • Bags can be cut to fit any size
  • Tested to hold 275 pounds
  • Each bag comes with a brown paper liner
  • Ideal for mass casualty preparedness

$20.00 each

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AMS-3: Ultra Medium Duty disaster pouch with handles. Coroner favorite.

The AMS-3 Ultra Medium Duty disaster pouch with handles. Our most popular bag. Calling this bag a medium duty is a misnomer but nevertheless its material thickness puts it in this category. The AMS-3 is so versatile, some coroners use exclusively this bag for recovery, containment, storage and transport for ALL cases. High quality, combined with factory direct pricing truly make this bag a “Medium duty bag, Heavy Duty functionality, at light duty prices!”

  • Heavy duty woven ripstop tarpaulin
  • Woven nylon handles riveted into the bag for strength
  • Handles run underneath the bag for extra support
  • Color: white, black zipper, black handles
  • Also in BLACK

$14.00 each SOLD OUT

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AMS-4: Medium duty disaster pouch with 6 RIVETED handles. Mass casualty readiness.

AMS-4 Medium duty disaster pouch with handles. This bag is perfect for putrified containment. Being an economic choice in the medium duty range, you can afford to stockpile for emergencies.

  • Durable tarpaulin
  • 6 RIVITED handles
  • Color: FEMA BLUE
  • Envelope  zipper
  • 36″ wide x 91″ long

$15.00 each

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 AMS-5: Heavy duty disaster bag. 500 pound capacity. Level 5 Crime Scene. Highest Quality Body Bag!

The AMS-5 heavy duty disaster recovery bag is designed for total containment and to minimize breakage. Water recovery, mountain rescue, and natural disasters are common scenes for the AMS-5. These body bags may also double as stretchers in mass casualty situations.

  • 6 handles are riveted to this unit
  • Seams are heat sealed to be impervious for the HIGH risk of exposure regulations
  • 42″ wide x 90″ long
  • 500 pound capacity
  • Colors: Black

$30.00 each

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Transportation Options

single person mortuary cot

Single Person Mortuary Cot  $1975

Cot is built of sturdy anodized aluminum tubing that will not oxidize and will keep looking like new for years.

  • Reinforced Legs
  • Legs lock automatically when unloading
  • One person can load and unload
  • Multiple level adjustment for bed to cot transfer
  • Locking swivel wheel
  • Comes with heat sealed mattress and two restraint straps
  • 78″ long x 21″ wide
  • Height: Minimum: 10″; Maximum: 32-1/2″

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easy fold wheeled stretcher

Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher  $435

Made of 1″ sturdy anodized aluminum tubing frame with flush folding hinges. Four inch wheels and posts fold easily out of the way for compact storage. Cover is fabricated from tough 18 oz. green vinyl coated nylon. Cover is fungus and rot resistant and easily wiped clean. 2” wide patient restraint straps with automotive seatbelt type buckles are standard equipment.


  • Open: 74″ L x 20-1/2″ W x 9” H
  • Folded: 36-1/2″ L x 20-1/2″ W x 3″ H
  • WHEEL BASE: 53-1/2″

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body bags changing table

Changing Table  $985

Made of sturdy, lightweight anodized aluminum, the Junkin Changing Table allows the user to adjust tabletop heights at both ends. The top is made of stain-resistant laminate and resists distorting or sagging. Also includes four swivel-locking wheels with brake.

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church truck body bags

Church Truck  $1425

The Junkin Church Truck, constructed of anodized aluminum tubing is sturdy for moving and displaying any size casket. Convenient and easy to maneuver, the accordion x-design allows for four positions – folded for easy transport to fully extended for supporting a casket.


  • Position 1: 27″ L x 29″ H
  • Position 2: 51″ L x 26″ H
  • Position 3: 62-1/2″ L x 22-1/2″ H x 22″ W

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